New Tango Students


I'm new to tango. Where do I start?

Because our program is progressive, it's necessary to start with TANGO 100 at the beginning of the fall or spring semester - be sure to sign up ahead of time as space is limited. TANGO 100 provides a strong foundation for a more complex study of the dance. If you want to start at a different time, you can get started by taking private lessons. We also offer a 2h intro class (beginner bootcamp) once a month. Pre-registration is required for all classes as we make the greatest of efforts to ensure role balance.


Do I need a partner to take your classes? 

No, we work hard to keep the number of leaders and followers balanced, and we rotate partners throughout each class. We feel that trying out steps and techniques with many partners helps accelerate learning, and builds versatile, adaptable dancers.  


What kind of clothing should I wear? 

You should wear clothes that you are comfortable moving in. We will not be doing anything extremely aerobic or rolling around on the floor. So you don't need to come dressed for the gym or a yoga class but you will probably find jeans or other restrictive clothing hot and uncomfortable. Think somewhere in the middle. Typically, men dance in dress pants and a nice shirt and women dance in dresses, skirts, or flowing pants. Of course, in class there is no need to be formal. Simply wear what you are comfortable in.


What kind of shoes should I wear? 

Tango has its own dance shoes, most of which are hand-made in Buenos Aires or Italy (and quite pricey). The brands we recommend are SUR, Bandolera/Tangolera and Regina. However, tango shoes are not required for classes. 

Here are our suggestions for footwear for beginners:

  • Dance Sneakers: A great shoe to start off with is Sansha dance sneakers. We like them because they have a thin sole for a dance sneaker and suede sole. They are comfortable and not too bulky. They are unisex and they are very affordable.

Sansha Dance Sneakers - Discount Dance

  • Tango Sneakers: Our favorite "all-levels" Tango Sneaker comes from the DNI Tango Store! LATA is currently the only seller on the west coast, and keeps a small inventory at the LATA HQ studio. (You'll see most of our students wearing them) Ask to try on a pair during practica or your private lesson session!

  • Ballroom/Salsa Heels: For following, they are fine if you want to practice with a heel but are not ideal. They are not made with the same structure or quality that tango shoes are made with. If you already own a pair and are comfortable in them, feel free to wear them. But we would not go out and buy a pair for class.

If you would like a tango heel at around the same price as a ballroom/salsa heel, we suggest Maleva Tango Shoes. We suggest choosing a lower and thicker heel to start.
Maleva Tango Shoes

  • Socks: If you do not want to buy anything new for the class, you can take class in socks. One downside is that pivoting on the floor in sock could make your feet sore. Pro-Tip: Always bring socks as a backup!

  • Street Shoes: Street shoes can be worn so long as you can pivot in them comfortably. You're best off using a low-heeled comfortable shoe with a closed toe and avoiding anything with a rubber sole or a pointed toe that elongates the foot. You can also get by in sneakers like Puma, Converse or Tom's shoes.


How early should I arrive to class?

Make sure you have enough time to park, check-in, get settled, change your shoes, and anything else you may need to do before we begin class. We suggest arriving to the classroom at least 5 minutes before class begins.


Where should I park?

For Group Classes @Madilyn Clark: Anywhere on Burbank Blvd, or anywhere alongside the studio on Satsuma (don't park across from the studio on Satsuma).

For Privates & Practicas @ LATA HQ: Anywhere on the street (no street cleaning or restrictions).

I registered for Tango 100 membership, am i signed in for class automatically?

No. Please sign in for all classes and practicas, and cancel if you can’t make it. Download the LATA app on your phone to manage your schedule on the go.

How do I pay for my monthly membership?

When you register for any LATA Membership (TANGO 100, 200, 300 or 400) you sign up for a auto-pay contract. Your monthly fee will automatically charge your card on file every 4 weeks (on the first day of class of each monthly series) Your first payment is due when registering for a new semester and covers your first month of classes. Your auto-pay (second payment) starts 4 weeks into the semester. 


How do I cancel a membership?

Each semester is 5 months long with a month-to-month commitment. You can cancel your membership anytime with a written notice to info@latangoacademy.com 7 days before the start of the next payment cycle. 


Can I retake classes?

The material in each series is very dense and most students take each semester several times. Once you graduate to the next level, any previously completed level is complimentary with an active membership. This way, the farther you get in the curriculum, the more classes you get with your membership. So, if there is a series you want to review, or you want to learn the 'other' role - just sign in for class and show up. In the event that the role balance is off, you may be asked to help keep the class role-balanced.


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