Back Ochos

  • lean into the turns (lean to the open side)
  • keep feet on the ground
  • keep gaze locked at center of leader    
  • pay attention to the energy of the hands and the embrace, use it to power your pivots by applying matching energy (gentle push or pull)

the dip:

  • step around partner in sidestep and aim for shoulder/armpit in forward step 
  • use small-medium steps with attention to the aim

looking good!

La Parada

  • focus on the 3 points of connection: left hand, right hand and torso
  • keep the same amount of energy in both hands
  • relax the arm and elbow but keep hands engaged
  • absorb the energy in the torso before moving the hips (especially in the abanico)
  • use heels in forward steps
  • sit back a little in neutral
  • grab the bicep when in open embrace
  • posture: lift torso and relax neck and head

El Ocho

  • Use the lat muscles in your back to power your pivots and relax your arms and hands 
  • Engage the core and back together to find your balance, push your belly button into your spine in order to create balance and control
  • Remember to slide the arm down to your partners bicep when you do your pasadas