If you’re thinking about taking lessons in Tango, the LA Tango Academy is the place to do it! All of the teachers are absolutely incredible, not only are they amazing at what they do they are also very kind and patient and make their classes such a warm, welcoming and fun environment to be in. Highly recommend, I would give them 6 stars out of 5 if I could!
— Augustina O.
tango review
Emma and Richard are great dancers and amazing, knowledgeable instructors (and pretty cool people too). They don’t just teach dance moves. They teach you to be a good dancer. Each class contains a good mix of technique, practice, encouragement, humor, and essential dance philosophy. You can tell that they have put a great deal of thought into their teaching method and course structure, which makes you feel that you can trust them to take your dancing where it needs to go. I’m a pretty quick learner, having had significant experience in other dances, so I am happy to find their classes challenging and enjoyable throughout.
— Joe L.
The instructors at LA Tango Academy are awesome! Richard and Emma are warm, inviting, and patient. The material they teach is challenging enough to really build strong fundamentals but it is also achievable, making you feel accomplished after a class. I love that they work on the important technical concepts while keeping the classes light and fun! Every time I’m in LA, I learn something new from these people! I definitely recommend checking it out!
— Trista B.
These guys are the best. They have a system that is comforting and encouraging which causes you to love and learn Tango. They monitor and review your progress all the way. They systematically conditioned me to love Tango. And I was before this, a very big sceptic but now that’s changed.
— Garry D.
Emma and Richard are incredible instructors! Not only are they great dancers but they really know how to teach. You get a well rounded Tango education between the group classes, private evaluation, practice sessions and monthly Milonga. I highly recommend them to anyone who is serious about learning Tango!
— Lisa C.
tango review
I never thought I would ever actually enjoy dancing when my friend asked me to come to class with her one night. I never thought I would keep going to classes, day after day, improving upon my previous experiences and techniques. I never thought I would actually want to go out to dances with my friends and send myself out on the floor to actually enjoy how much I have progressed. And yet here I am, among the best teachers and students in the L.A. region. Anyone looking to break out of their comfort zone should experience tango with the L.A. Tango Academy. Shoutout to Richard Cepeda and Emma Bogren for making my dance so fantastic!
— John M.
The tangofit classes fit my schedule and are my favorite! The classes help me to build, improve and strengthen my dancing technique. Emma and Richard are amazing teachers and deliver some excellent material. It is so worth it!
— Lisa Hylton
Richard and Emma are thoughtful, enjoyable instructors and beautiful, experienced dancers. Lovely to watch, dance with, and learn from. Their classes provide an excellent foundation of technique as well as the aesthetic and philosophical tenets of tango - and working one-on-one provides access to their canny diagnosis of deeper body mechanics. Highly recommend!
— Sarah E.
The Los Angeles Tango Academy is the best choice for tango instruction at all levels in Southern California. I say this from the perspective of a tango student who has studied under numerous instructors, some of whom are world renown dancers. Great tangeros, however; are not always great teachers. Emma and Richard are both great dancers and consummate teachers. They have created a highly structured curriculum which progressively and incrementally increases the student’s tango skills. Additionally, they are very well versed in the kinesiological and biomechanical aspects of tango. This allows them to reveal the nuances and details of tango. This is important because the essence of an art is always in the details.
— Daniel D.
All the instructors at LA Tango Academy are so sweet, professional, and awesome.. I have just started to take tango and I love it so much already!
— Angie G.
Utterly fantastic. Emma and Richard make learning this complex dance possible AND fun! The classes are well run. Time is used efficiently. Personal attention is given. A totally awesome experience.
— Randal M.
The LA Tango Academy is my first tango experience ever. After dancing Salsa for many years, I have now crossed over to Tango. This dance draws me in mainly because of the intense connection between dancers. Richard and Emma are spectacular teachers. Definitely, a very open friendly place to learn this beautiful art. Looking forward to this new dance adventure.......
— Joey Y.
My husband and I took the beginner Boot Camp. Despite being a large group, the class ran smoothly. Emma and Richard are experienced teachers whose method is clear and well planned, each element progressing logically from one to the next. I was amazed by how much we learned in one evening. We signed up for the full beginners course the very next day. A complete shock to me because my husband, of his own volition, chose to give up his longstanding card night for this class. Wha?! Yep, that’s how good the class was. We can’t wait for it to begin.
— Lorraine A.
Richard and Emma are the true artists who’ll undoubtedly open the gates for the greater mastery of your tango and its improvisational freedom
— Vardan O.
dominic bridge
When I started dancing 10 years ago, Jaimes Friedgen was already a tango legend, a dancer, performer, and teacher who had surpassed all others in his ability to express himself and the music—a North American anomaly. He taught me everything. Some things took me years to understand and I am still learning. It is under his mentorship that I cultivated my passion for this incredible dance. Moreover, he is like a big brother to me.
— Dominic B.
I can’t say enough great things about the LA Tango Academy!!! This is the only place to learn tango! The teachers are amazingly skillful and patient - super friendly atmosphere and great results - I’m in love.
— Jessica J.
Very friendly community, professional welcoming handling of the Academy and very nice atmosphere! Great level of dancing!
— Bettina M.
LA Tango Academy provides everything I want in a class: excellent teachers and assistants, clear instruction and a warm environment.
— Colleen F.
homer ladas
On the road to tango there are many teachers, Jaimes Friedgen is one of those rare and influential teachers that sparked my creativity and desire to break out from the conventional tango mold.. and thus discover my own dance! Thanks Jaimes.
— Homer L.
LA Tango Academy is one of the best tango schools in LA. Particularly, for those who wants to start a fascinating tango journey. Emma and Richard are strong believers in a systematic approach to teaching tango. Establishing solid foundation/basics is their goal, that is why students are required to commit to a full semester. I have taken two semesters with LA Tango Academy, and it was nothing but pleasure. Emma’s gracious and elegant style is inspiring for ladies; Richard’s gentle and considerate lead is to be a model for leaders. Unlike many other tango instructors, they are not embarrassed to dance with their students at milongas. Very important to those who just learned “baby steps”, and are not on the radar of advanced dancers yet (temporarily)! Thank you Emma and Richard!
— Elena K.
I have been Tango dancing off and on for a few years and I love it very much. I have tried several different studios/instructors and have learned, they each have their own style/technique-and there’s something to learn from every one.
Emma & Richard @ LA Tango Academy preach about awareness of body mechanics with each movement, and I am a much better dancer today because of them. Much credit and thanks to Emma & Richard.
— Soonja V.
Jaimes Friedgen is not only an inspirational tango artist, but a true educator. I was influenced heavily by him when I first started my tango journey and for years I was hoping for his return to LA. I’m still learning so much from him, his musical sensitivity and superb technicality never cease to amaze me. We’re very lucky to finally have him back in Los Angeles.
— Levent
I am very new to the LA Tango Academy. But being someone who has no dancing experience whatsoever, I’ve learned a lot, thanks to the wonderful instructors Emma and Richard. They sure know how to teach even people like me who never danced anything before. I am very happy with the progress I am making and definitely committed to this school. I also recommend to all of my friends to start learning this amazing dance. If you ever looking for a great tango school, LA Tango Academy is the place to go. You will be 100% satisfied with the results!!!
— Lousine S.
Seeing the LA TANGO ACADEMY crew performing with such elegance and precision drove me to actually take classes with them. They are not only talented and beautiful dancers, they also are so nice, easy and professional to work with!
— Axelle M.
I am a year into my tango career and am enjoying it more and more. I have not danced since high school and am now retired but due to the great instruction from Jaimes and the talented instruction team of Emma and Richard, Milongas have become a way of life for me. My first glimpse of tango came at a Utah tango festival in Brighton, Utah. I stumbled my way around and vowed to return a better dancer. Well, I just returned from this years festival and got very good reviews from all the dancers who could not believe I’d only been dancing a year. Frankly, I felt very comfortable dancing with all levels of followers and none of my cabeceos were rejected. (always a good feeling). I have taken group lessons from most LA teachers and none have the well thought out curriculum which slowly builds you into a skilled salon navigator. We all look for quality in our lives and LATA delivers just that...quality in all its activities .... great instruction, several hour practicas, drills, informative website, and a wounderful friendly atmosphere that is very very affordable.. Look at its students and you see happy people.... that says it all. Thanks LATA!!! BTW...they also throw a cool tango BBQ :)
— Chris S.
I’ve been regularly taking Sunday drill class with LATA in the last 4 months, after starting private training with Jaimes last year. Both group and private has been invaluable, and in lots of unexpected & amazing ways. I was frustrated with what is currently available in greater LA / OC area in terms of material, level of intensity and practice partners. Richard and Emma, the other 2 instructors, are amazing to work with and learn from. Very highly recommended. I only wish I am not an hour+ away, and have the time to take more classes here.
— Jen T.
Emma and Richard are wonderful instructors and dancers to learn from, the crowd is fun and there’s always plenty of other students to practice with (hugely Important!). More then 5 stars in the sky shine for you guys! Thanks!!!
— Moshe P.