Co-Founder & Instructor

Born and raised in Sweden, Emma Bogren grew up in a family of artists and musicians. As a child, Emma fondly remembers her grandfather playing old Tango records and singing along to the great singers of a bygone era.  The following decade Emma devoted herself to art, competitive gymnastics and extensive studies in jazz and classical music.  Her background in music and performance art has sent her around the world, eventually settling in Los Angeles.  In her journey to develop greater body control and movement, she rediscovered tango, and fell head over heels in love with its physical expression of music and emotion.  She loves to share this art form with everyone and is proud of bringing the LA Tango Academy to a new wave of artists. 




Co-Founder & Instructor

Born and raised in Miami, FL, Richard discovered tango unexpectedly on a walk by the University of Florida gym. The sight of a darkened room of people moving together in perfect unison was mesmerizing.  Since that day Richard has spent the majority of his free time dedicating himself to mastering this magical art form.  The pursuit of the next great tanda has taken him around the world and to his new home in Los Angeles.  He is passionate about both the dance and the music having become one of the preeminent Tango DJs in Los Angeles.  He devoted years to teaching and helping build the Tango community in Florida and is excited to welcome a new generation of dancers on the West Coast. 


Yelizaveta nersesova



Yelizaveta has been dancing Tango since 2009. But her passion for studying movement mechanics extends much further back to 2001 when, due to a back injury, she began studying yoga. Her dancing and teaching are informed by her fascination with how and why certain systems of movement develop and the universal mechanical principles that underlie them. In addition to yoga and Tango she has studied blues and fusion, contact improvisation, gyrotonics and Franklin method. Her favorite topic to explore and teach is the relationship between movement mechanics and music, and how they inform each other. For more detailed information: nersesova.com





Jaimes Friedgen is the one of the world's most widely respected Tango dancers and teachers. Starting his Tango teaching and performing career in Los Angeles in 1996, Jaimes has been around long enough to be considered a major influence on many of the professional dancers in the U.S. today. His nearly two decades of experience have made him one of the most effective teachers ever and have taught him the warmth, patience and humility of a true master. 


Conrad McGreal

tango instructor

Principal Choreographer

Conrad started out with International Style Ballroom and Latin, and competed in pre-teen and youth categories.  He went on to study ballet, jazz, contemporary, choreography, and dance history, along with piano and choir.  In college, at the Iceland University of the Arts, he majored in contemporary dance. Since moving to the U.S. he has specialized on the lead/follow social forms; mostly salsa and Argentine Tango, and to a lesser extent west coast swing, lindy hop, and blues. Conrad's taught and performed Tango since 2007, primarily in San Francisco and at the 8style Tango School in Seattle.



Naomi Harris, LATA team

Contributing Editor 

Naomi Harris’s rarified love of tango is due entirely to her passion for the beautiful music.   An avid instant-gratification enthusiast, Naomi’s commitment to tango forces her to endure abject suffering as she attends milongas, befriends people, dances until dawn, and eats a particularly delicious variety of Argentine pastries filled with dulce de leche.   Enchanted by the connection, community, sparkly shoes, and, above all, the divine music, she hopes to encourage in others the same joy she finds in tango.