Special Workshop with Jaimes Friedgen & Christa Rodriguez

May 23-24

Don't miss your opportunity to study with Jaimes Friedgen & Christa Rodriguez. Over their combined 30+ years of Tango experience, they have produced some of the best dancers and instructors in the country!

Known for their ability to convey complex Tango concepts with expert clarity, students walk out of their classes transformed with the skill and confidence to break new ground in their dance.

(for experienced beginners through advanced dancers)

Practical Ocho and Change of Direction Variations 

Musicality: Being another Voice of the Orquesta

(advanced dancers and/or dancers with a lot of confidence)

Split Weight Pivots: Getting grounded, connected, and opening up new possibilities 

Advanced Sacada Exchanges for both Roles 


1 class: $25
2 classes: $45
3 classes: $65
4 classes: $80

At the door:
1 class: $30
2 classes: $55
3 classes: $80
4 classes: $100


The Tango Room 
4346 Woodman Ave, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423


Jaimes Friedgen:

Jaimes Friedgen is the one of the world's most widely respected Tango dancers and teachers. Starting his Tango teaching and performing career in Los Angeles in 1996, Jaimes has been around long enough to be considered a major influence on many of the professional dancers in the U.S. today. His nearly two decades of experience have made him one of the most effective teachers ever and have taught him the warmth, patience and humility of a true master. After many years away, Jaimes is finally returning to his hometown to offer his extraordinary system of teaching and dancing, and to continue his own study of Tango with his family and friends.

Christa Rodriguez:

Having taught and performed with a variety of partners for years in the Seattle area, Christa Rodriguez stunned the tango world with her debut performance with Jaimes Friedgen at the Yale Tango Festival in April of 2009. She began touring regularly with Friedgen and was immediately embraced by the international tango scene as an extraordinary talent in the classroom, with a direct, no-nonsense teaching style both effective and charming for serious students of the dance.