ALL LEVELS & advanced


Fundamentals | 11am

Advanced | 12pm

Please arrive to class wearing comfortable clothes that are easy to move in and not excessively baggy. The alignment of the hips and waist should be easy to see. No jeans and no dresses or skirts without leggings underneath. We will start class with no shoes (you can either go barefoot or wear socks, or ballet slippers) but don't forget your tango shoes too!

Fundamentals of Tango Technique

all levels

Strong technique is key for having a great dance experience. People of all experience and athletic ability will benefit from improved body awareness, balance, and coordination on and off the dance floor.

In this class we will focus on alignment and balance, coordination of the limbs, and spiral and pivoting mechanics while solidifying our understanding of the basic movements and rhythms of tango.

Advanced Tango Technique:

*For dancers with strong tango fundamentals.

With a higher pace, a higher complexity, and a higher level of detail than the fundamentals class, this class is meant to challenge you.

In this class we will focus on alignment and body mechanics in complex movements, coordination and movement of the free leg, quality of movement and lines.


single 1h session: $20

single 2h session: $30

(1h) 10 pack: $180 or $150 for LATA members

(2h) 10 pack: $240 or $180 for LATA members

Practica is included with Tango Tech class

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