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Give the Gift of Tango

Our most popular gifting item is the 2 h beginner bootcamp ($30) which is a great option for new students trying out Tango for the first time. But you can also gift any amount to be applied by the recipient towards any package or membership of choice.

Something about this 19th-century immigrant dance seems to flip people’s worlds upside-down; the beauty of improvising one of the world’s most complex dances with another human being is a beautiful and extraordinary experience that has earned its reputation for being notoriously addictive.


Before your first lesson

Do I need previous dance experience?


Do I need a partner?

No! During class we encourage everyone to rotate partners to get the most out of the lesson, but if you feel strongly that you’d rather dance with one partner, that's ok too.

What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable clothes that allows you to move your legs freely. No pencil skirts or super skinny jeans!

Comfortable shoes for dancing?

Leather soles please! For ladies, a low-heeled comfortable shoe with a closed toe. For guys, dress shoes/loafers, on the narrow side. You can also get by in sneakers like Puma, Converse or Tom's shoes. If you have no suitable shoes, socks will do just fine!


Water & breath mints - the latter, a Tango dancer necessity! But don’t worry, we usually have some on hand in case you forget :)



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