• The LATA requires that all participants exhibit thorough personal hygiene and be of sound mind and body, as deemed by the staff and other participants of LATA activities.
  • The LATA has a zero tolerance policy towards any prejudiced, derogatory or otherwise offensive remarks or behavior by participants during LATA activities.
  • Political, religious, or otherwise irrelevant topics of discussion are to be avoided during LATA activities.
  • Clear cases of any kind of sexual harassment or abuse of the intimate nature of LATA activities will immediately result in the offender being asked to cease participation in all LATA activities without refund. Further prosecution may result if necessary.
  • Hitting on other participants (i.e. asking out on dates, asking overly personal or prying questions, etc.) is highly discouraged during LATA classes. It is not permitted at all for LATA teachers or other staff members.