La Parada / Back Ochos

  • pay attention to the energy of the hands and the embrace, use it to power the follower's pivots by applying matching energy (gentle push or pull) this also brings more fluidity into the embrace!
  • keep lifting the torso to better utilize the connection
  • lean into the turns (lean to the open side)

  • keep a small space between your head and the followers head (a small adjustment to the left) remember especially if the follower is shorter! because it affects your axis

looking good!

La Salida Basica

• focus on slowing down & use your breath to dance "between" the steps
• find the circular energy in preparing for all steps
• relax the embrace by breathing through the torso and the arms
• slow down to half time, transfer weight slowly to check balance
• exhale to step, inhale (with torso movement) to communicate collection of free leg