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***Please note: The LATA membership is a month-to-month auto-pay contract lasting 5 months. To cancel membership, a written cancellation notice is required 7 days or more before the start of next upcoming month/series via email: info@latangoacademy.com. 


How does our school work?

LA Tango Academy has two semesters per year, one starting in January and one starting in July. There are 4 memberships/levels per semester, Tango 100, Tango 200, Tango 300 and Tango 400 and each semester lasts five months.  Each class is limited in size & role balanced so to guarantee a spot, pre-registration is necessary. Registration opens 2 months before the start of each semester.

The material in each series is very dense and most students take each semester several times. Once you graduate to the next level, any previously completed levels are complimentary with an active membership.


How to Get Started?

Because our program is progressive, it's necessary to start at the beginning of a semester - be sure to sign up ahead of time as space is limited.  If you want to start at a different time, you can get started by taking private lessons, or try the tango fundamentals class (Saturdays @11am) We also offer a 2h intro class (beginner bootcamp) a few times a year. 


What’s included in enrollment?

Each membership includes one weekly two-hour class, 4 hours of weekly practice sessions (Fridays and Saturdays), and video assessments (3 sessions per semester, 30 minutes each). Also, LATA members receive discounts on additional classes & workshops.


What if I can’t attend the entire semester?

Each semester is 5 months long with a month-to-month commitment. You can cancel your membership anytime with a written notice/email 7 days before the start of the next payment cycle.  If you have to be away for a month we can hold your space in class, providing that you'll catch up with the material missed by watching the summary-videos* and taking a private lesson to substitute the missed group classes. 

*To make it easier to keep up with the material, every week we post the class summaries HERE (accessible to members-only).

Fall Schedule 2019

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