The Los Angeles Tango Academy (LATA) expects all participants to behave in a courteous and supportive manner towards one another as dictated by common sense and basic social conventions. The LATA strives to create a positive learning and dancing environment that is friendly and nurturing. That being said, the LATA also insists on a no-nonsense learning and practicing mindset from its participants. This includes punctuality, and preparedness in attire, well-being, and attitude. Participants are expected to take responsibility for their own process of learning, practicing and dancing. The LATA offers a world-class system of guidance through said process, but the reality is that this process is ultimately a unique journey for each individual participant.

The exchanging of personal information by participants is permitted and even encouraged with regards to networking for tango related social outings and/or further discussion about tango. While LATA activities are a beautiful and healthy way to meet other people (with significant potential for romance), tango is a dance (and culture) of subtlety, therefore explicitly hitting on one another in class is discouraged (see Rules & Regulations below).