La Parada

  • For the Media Luna, remember to turn the torso (open the right shoulder)
  •  to the right before stepping 
  • For the abanico remember to turn the shoulders first then step to get her leg to come around for the abanico
  • focus on the 3 points of connection: left hand, right hand and torso
  • keep the same amount of energy in both hands
  • relax the arm and elbow but keep hands engaged


El Ocho

  • relax the open side of the embrace: make sure the elbow isn't locked; bring the left hand lower; don't let it higher than shoulder level
  • stay more forward: more weight on the ball of the foot
  • use the ankle of the trailing leg to push off when stepping forward, to complete weight change! 


La Salida Basica

•"scoop" the embrace upward to lift torso
• keep head back, shoulders down
• keep the left hip tucked - keep the right side (ribcage) stretching upward
• keep both feet on the ground
• transfer weight completely with both feet on the ground
• walk straight forward in the back ochos vs 'side to side'