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A la carte!

Pricing & Details


4:30-7:30pm, DJ Vincent Wong ($15)
8:30-9:50pm, Cristina & Homer Workshop*
10:00-2:30am, DJ Ramu Pyreddy ($30**, includes dinner @ 11:00pm)

12:00-1:20pm, Cristina & Homer Workshop*
1:40-3:00pm, Cristina & Homer Workshop*
3:00-7:00pm, DJ Rebekah Mitchell ($15, Alternative, includes brunch @ 3:00pm)
9:00-12:00am, DJ Amy Zhou ($30**, covers whole night after 9pm)
12:00-3:00am or later, DJ Lampis Zalavras

2:00-7:00pm, Momo Smitt ($15, crepes for brunch!)

**Friday and Saturday night package $50
*Pay for workshops at the door
$10/workshop or $20/3 for Milonga Pass holders
$25/workshop or $65/3 for a la carte



please Remember to let them know at the door that you're on the LATA list! 

(friday night, saturday night & for the workshops)


Getting to Dabney Hall

If you’re driving to Caltech, it’s best to park in one of the parking structures on campus (see map) -- DO NOT PARK ON THE STREET! (if you're staying past midnight) Otherwise, you will get ticketed at 2AM.  The Caltech parking structures are free to park in for the entire marathon.  The nominal address for Caltech is 1200 E California Blvd, which will take you to the southern edge of Caltech, and from there you can follow the map below.  It’s about a 5 min walk from the parking structure to Dabney Hall.