Vals Cruzado

  • keep gaze locked at center of leader    
  • pay attention to the energy of the hands and the embrace, use it to power your pivots by applying matching energy (gentle push or pull)
  • when stepping (all directions) send more energy into the floor so that the feet don't lift from the ground

looking great!

La Sacada

  • focus on the 3 points of connection: left hand, right hand and torso
  • keep the same amount of energy in both hands -continuously
  • absorb the energy from the lead in the torso (and hand) moving hips in any pivot 
  • sit back a little in neutral and engage your abs
  • grab the bicep when in open embrace

El Giro

  • getting on axis: close the ribs and push bellybutton back
  • mirror the leader - when his torso is coming forward - go towards him - when he pulls away his shoulders - do the same
  • don’t pivot standing leg in the back ochos! :) use the heel to plant your feet on the ground so that they don't pivot unless you want them to.

La Media Vuelta

• roll the shoulders BACK in the cross, before stepping forward for the first sacada
• always pass through the center/(collect without stopping)
• stretch your left side upward to make sure that left arm doesn't weigh down partners arm or shoulder
• complete the weight changes
• collect with the feet between the saccades
•'turn out' foot when stepping around your partner
• stay on axes throughout the turn