Tango 101 Intensive Workshop:

absolute beginner

September 6-7

This workshop weekend provide a summary of the first 2 months of the Tango 100 curriculum. In a total of 6h, we go over the most fundamental tango practice figures, and the most essential moves for the social dance floor.  This class gives you the basic skills to jump into the 3rd month of our progressive Tango 100 program.

These workshops are perfect for:

  • the absolute beginner

  • anyone wanting to clean up the basics

  • anyone wanting to get started with "the other role"


friday  |  sep 6  |  8-11pm

Studying “La Salida Basica”, or “The Basic Exit”, which is the first of several classic figures designed over decades to develop strong skills in the dance. We'll also introduce a few of the most common steps used on the social dance floor.


saturday  |  sep 7  |  2-5pm

More physical drilling of the basic tango movements, followed by an exploration of the second classic figure, “El Ocho”, or forward ochos from the cross. The last part of class focuses on the most useful Milonguero variations based on the inherent rhythm in the ocho cortado.

Can’t make it to both workshops? 1 day passes are also available:




Friday pass (3 hours) $45

Saturday pass (3 hours) $45

Full weekend pass (6 hours) $80

at the door:

$50 / workshop

Please note: We can not guarantee a spot without pre-registration



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